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        Palas? Provides Respiratory Aerosol Meter for Handball-Bundesliga Team MT Melsungen

        Palas® Provides Respiratory Aerosol Meter for Handball-Bundesliga Team MT Melsungen

        Palas® Resp-Aer-Meter provides professional respiratory aerosol testing to prevent COVID-19

        Under the huge influences of COVID-19, people are facing all kinds of possibilities of infections along with the spreading of coronavirus. The risk of infections varies in different environments. As for large-scale events, highly dense crowd would largely increase the risk of virus transmission. For this purpose, Palas®, the German aerosol spectrometer expert, has launched a suitable instrument for heavily populated locations: The respiratory aerosol meter Palas® Resp-Aer-Meter. This instrument is ideal for highly populated events, such as the Handball matches. In March of this year, Palas® has established a partnership with the German Handball-Bundesliga team MT Melsungen in order to keep the well-being of the players and further prevent the continuous spread of virus.

        Palas® Develops New Technologies in the Context Of COVID-19

        As a forerunner in optimizing air quality, Palas® has many years of experience in the field of aerosol measuring technology. Palas® worked with the aerosol expert, former President of the International Society for Aerosols in Medicine, Dr. Gerhard Scheuch, to co-develop a new type of exhalation device, Resp-Aer- Meter. As till now, the World Health Organization (WHO) has already recognized the risk of spreading COVID-19 by aerosols. In fact, viruses can attach themselves to suspended tiny particles. Therefore, people who are close to an infected person can inhale these aerosols which increases the risk of infection. Palas® Resp-Aer-Meter can immediately show how many particles of which size exist in the breath. In addition to the mandatory traditional swab testing, the use of such technology would give an additional safety feature in order to prevent the transmission of viruses.

        Palas® New Technology Supports Sports Competitions

        Since March, MT Melsungen has started using Palas® Resp-Aer-Meter to test the viruses. Before each match, players only need to take a deep breath and blow into Resp-Aer-Meter, an evaluation of infectious virus in the body can be done. By evaluating the numbers of aerosol spectrometer in various sizes, it serves as an indicator for a possible illness. This makes the device particularly reliable and accurate. Once a certain value is exceeded, the person being tested is considered potentially infectious and can be isolated from others in advance so that a continuous spreading of viruses in a large scale can be stopped.

        Stop Superspreaders In Time

        Not just for large-scale sports events, Palas® Resp-Aer-Meter has also brought outstanding contribution to the public’s health. Palas® Resp-Aer-Meter can be used in crowded places or events, such as airports, exhibitions, etc. Its advantage is that it can quickly detect virus carriers and protect people from the risk of infection. Not only that, Palas® Resp-Aer-Meter can identify the people who carry a particularly large number of pathogens, who could be highly infectious and most likely to become a superspreader. In densely populated areas, identifying the existence of superspreaders in advance has a great value, which can further prevent the spreading of COVID-19 virus. Resp-Aer-Meter takes preventive measures to minimize the risk of virus infection.

        Palas® Resp-Aer-Meter


        • So-called superspreaders can be identified in 30s thanks to a high number of particles

        • Fast differentiation between infectious and less infectious Covid-19 carriers

        • Measurement of the aerosol concentration and aerosol size in exhaled air

        • Detection of particles from 145 nm to 10 μm

        • Highest resolution, especially in the virus size range from approx. 145 nm to 1 μm

        • Immediate evaluation and documentation of the measurement result


        • Detection of potential superspreaders (Covid-19, flu virus)

          • in industry, e.g. meat processing, automotive, chemistry

          • in airports, train stations, public buildings

          • at events such as trade fairs and seminars

          • in hospitals and nursing homes

        Palas® China will participate in the 19th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference at the China International Exhibition Center from July 13rd to 15th, 2021. Palas® will bring a variety of instruments to the exhibition, including advanced nano-particle measurement system SMPS scanning mobility particle size spectrometer, aerosol spectrometer system Fidas® 200 series, and air quality monitor AQ Guard series. You are more than welcome to come and visit. Palas® will look forward to your arrival at the hall 2, 2618 booth!

        CONTACT US

        Contact: Nick.Zhang

        Phone: 13916855175

        Tel: 021-56035615

        Email: info@crosstech.com.cn

        Add: Suite902,No.3,Magnolia Green Square,Lane251,SongHuaJiang Road,Shanghai,China,200093

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