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        Aerosol Testing on Sea Against the Odds

        Aerosol Testing on Sea Against the Odds

        How Palas® helped to make an ambitious Fudan University's Maritime project a success

        In May, the Fudan University Environmental Science and Engineering Department carried out a highly interesting nautical research project. The question: How do atmospheric aerosols impact air quality and regional climate? The answer should be given in a 20-days experiment mainly carried out on a ship. The research methods combined field observations, numerical simulations, remote sensing product applications. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data, the Fudan University research team decided to trust Palas® to provide the main measurement instrument. The Fudan researchers were convinced, that the measurement results of Palas® would meet the high requirements for data standards of this experiment. The weather conditions at sea are more complex and change much faster than the conditions on land. Palas® not only mastered this challenge with its advanced technology, but also provided strong technical support for the researchers.

        Stable Measurement in Harsh Marine Environment

        Before starting the actual experiment at sea, the researchers made long observations near Huludao in Liaoning Province. The area has a continental monsoon climate in the northern temperate zone. The annual average temperature does not exceed 9°C, and the lowest temperature is around -23.3°C. The data collection point for this nautical experiment was selected in the Bohai Sea, at the northernmost offshore of China, with a coastline of about 3,800 kilometers. In order to make the experimental data more accurate, the instruments of Palas® were installed on the ship while sailing to obtain data.

        Defying Wind and Weather

        At sea the humidity and salinity is much higher than on land. As a consequence, the measurement instruments are exposed to a higher risk of corrosion. In addition, during the 20-days experiment extreme weather conditions occurred, such as strong wind, thunder, lightning, and heavy rain. On top of that, the ship was shaking back and forth due to waves and wind. Against this background, and after having an in-depth understanding of the instruments by Palas®, the research institute of Fudan University chose Palas® AQ Guard ambient air quality monitor as the monitoring instrument for this experiment.

        Portable and Accurate AQ Guard Ambient

        Palas® AQ Guard ambient convinced Fudan for two reasons: First, this instrument is well-suited to withstand harsh conditions. Second, the technical advantages of the Palas® AQ Guard ambient matched the requirements for accurate testing results of mass concentration and particle size spectrum of atmospheric particulate matter at sea.

        Thanks to the touch screen, the AQ Guard ambient can be easily operated, no matter what conditions. The monitored data are displayed in real time. Once powered on, the instrument is immediately ready to go. With one data every second the time resolution allows to monitor particulate matter in larger space and range. A case protects the AQ Guard ambient against harsh environmental conditions. After the 20 days on sea, the instrument worked perfectly fine.

        AQ Guard Ambient Expands Technical Possibilities

        Prior to this experiment, AQ Guard ambient was mainly used for fixed-point measurement, that is, the instrument was placed in a fixed position for long-term monitoring. Because of its excellent optical-based performance, the researchers of Fudan University came up with the idea to use the AQ Guard ambient for its nautical observations. This turned out to be a brilliant idea. The AQ Guard ambient mastered this tough test showing that much more is possible. The instrument could not only used on a ship but could also be fixed to a car to gather data of the environment.

        The technology and service of Palas® helped to run the experiment of the Fudan University smoothly, and it will so in future projects in different fields.

        AQ Guard and AQ Guard Ambient Air Quality Monitor


        • Technology based on the type approved Fidas® 200 series (EN16450 and MCERTS)

        • Simultaneous measurement of Cn, PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10

        • High accuracy due to advanced algorithms

        • Long-term stability due to self-calibration for measurement of flow rate, particulates, and gaseous pollutants

        • Operates on AC, DC, or power-over-Ethernet


        ? Industryproduction process, bulk material handling (mixing, unloading, storage, packaging, etc.), and factory boundary monitoring

        ? Construction site: road, railway, demolition site

        ? Buildings: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels, offices, public service buildings

        ? Residential buildings near construction sites or other contaminated areas

        ? Public transportation: airports, railway stations, tram and subway stations, cruise ships, cabins

        Palas® China will participate in the 19th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference at the China International Exhibition Center from July 13rd to 15th, 2021. Palas® will bring a variety of instruments to the exhibition, including advanced nano-particle measurement system SMPS (scanning mobility particle size spectrometer), aerosol spectrometer system Fidas® 200 series, and air quality monitor AQ Guard series. Please come and visit us. Palas® looks forward to your visit at booth 2618 in hall 2!

        CONTACT US

        Contact: Nick.Zhang

        Phone: 13916855175

        Tel: 021-56035615

        Email: info@crosstech.com.cn

        Add: Suite902,No.3,Magnolia Green Square,Lane251,SongHuaJiang Road,Shanghai,China,200093

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