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        Palas? Provides Advanced Measurement Technology for China Agricultural University

        Palas® Provides Advanced Measurement Technology for China Agricultural University

        Fidas® 200 S helps researchers at China Agricultural University to measure PM2.5 data for comparative research.

        Green ecological environment is a necessary condition for human survival, production, and life. For a long time, researchers have attached great importance to environmental protection. Recently, Palas® provided its Fidas® 200 S Single Particle Aerosol Distribution Spectrometers to Associate Professor XU Wen from the college of resources and environmental sciences, China Agricultural University to help teachers and students conduct academic research.

        Stable and Reliable Instruments for Researchers

        Professor Xu is mainly engaged in cross-innovation research on the characteristics of agricultural ammonia emission. Her tries to find ways to reduce emissions, agricultural pollution and green development, and atmospheric nitrogen deposition and its effects in agricultural areas. In April this year, Professor Xu participated in the Pollution Control Seminar in Xi’an and got acquainted with Palas®, an aerosol monitoring expert from Germany. Professor Xu was very interested in the function and technology of the Palas® Fidas®200 S smart single-particle aerosol distribution spectrometers. To better help Professor Xu experience the instrument, Palas® provided Professor Xu with the Palas® Fidas® 200 S, which was placed in the Quzhou Experimental Station of China Agricultural University in Hebei Province, for a one-month-long display and trial.

        At that time, Quzhou Experimental Station had two instruments for monitoring PM2.5 data. One was based on offline membrane sampling. In addition to measuring the concentration of PM2.5, the instrument can also measure some of its chemical components. The other was based on Beta-ray method for monitoring, which was placed on the upper floor with a sampling height of about 30 meters. Palas® Fidas® 200 S was placed at comprehensive observation field, where is the core monitoring point of the station. On one hand, it can be displayed to teachers, students and visitors. On the other hand, PM2.5 data obtained by Fidas® 200 can assist Professor Xu in comparative analysis.

        The Palas® Fidas® 200S measures both PM2.5 and PM10 data in an all-day cabinet installed outdoors. During the one-month trial period, the Fidas® 200S instrument at Quzhou Experiment Station was kept outdoors and experienced two heavy rains that did not affect it. The touch screen operation of the Fidas® 200S also brought easy operation to the students and teachers when viewing the data later. The stability of use and ease of use have been recognized by Professor Xu.

        Advanced Technology Supports Academic Research

        Palas® Fidas® 200 S is based on Mie single-particle light-scattering. And it is based on the patented T-aperture technology, which generates a T-shaped three-dimensional measurement volume, which can effectively identify boundary area errors and coincidence errors. The light-scattering measurement technology can realize continuous and high-resolution measurement of particle and particle size. Moreover, one instrument can output different PM values at the same time.

        Professor Xu also pointed out the measurement accuracy: “Fidas® 200 S not only measures the concentration and mass, but also measures the amount of particulate matter per unit volume, which can be refined to the particle size grade of PM1.” Combined with the real-time data of different particle sizes of Fidas® 200 S, Professor Xu can apply it to research on the dynamics of ammonia in the same period of time and the effect of ammonia emissions on particulate matter in agricultural areas under different seasons and weather conditions.

        Fidas® Single Particle Aerosol Distribution Spectrometers (SPADS)


        • Certified according to TüV Rheinland Germany and MCERTS UK

        • Continuous and simultaneous real-time measurement of multiple PM values

        • Additional information based on particle number concentration

        • Adjustable time resolution from over 1s to 24h

        • Cloud zone via Palas® server for worldwide data retrieval

        • Low maintenance, low consumables


        • Regulatory pollution control in monitoring networks

        • Long-term studies of particles

        • Mobile navigation monitoring

        • Emission dispersion studies

        Palas® China will arrange a series of online webinars both in English and Chinese for Ambient air quality continuous monitoring system, Palas SMPS scanning mobility particle sizer, Palas Promo & Aerosol Generator & Dilution system, ISO 16890 filter media tester, Palas MFP 3000 G, ISO 29463-3 filter media tester, Palas MFP Nano plus 4000, ISO 17536 Fractional filtration efficiency tester of Oil Mist Separator, Palas HMT 1000, as well as Particle Distribution Measurement Devices Introduction - Optical Scattering Method and many other solutions. If interested in the webinars for our products, you are more than welcome to register on our official website and get the latest webinar plan!

        CONTACT US

        Contact: Nick.Zhang

        Phone: 13916855175

        Tel: 021-56035615

        Email: info@crosstech.com.cn

        Add: Suite902,No.3,Magnolia Green Square,Lane251,SongHuaJiang Road,Shanghai,China,200093

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